Confessions of a stylist: Dinosaur Room

 Whether it’s learning them all by name or just stomping around the house roaring at the top of their lungs; dinosaurs are something most kids are fascinated with at some point in their life.

When I decided to create a new dinosaur design to add to my range, I knew I had to turn my Son's room into a dinosaur themed room.

After deciding on a jungle vibe, filled with greens like olive and sage, mustard and cream. I started sourcing as many dinosaur-themed items as I could find!

The first item to go into my Son's new space was of course, my new Dinosaur Bookends and Dinosaur Shelf Figures. I knew they were a winner when my Son kept roaring every time he saw them!

woodland ends dinosaur bookends

woodland ends wooden t-rex

woodland ends wooden brontosaurs

Then I started looking for bed sheets, and I didn't have to look any further than Adairs. Their Prehistoric Sheet Set was perfect for my Son's new colour palette!

To finish the bedding off, I choose the cutest Dinosaur Cushion in Eucalyptus from Peppermint Tree Creations, along with their Rectangular Cushion in natural.

peppermint tree creations dinosaur and rectangular cushions

I could picture dinosaur footprints going along the wall and up to the ceiling, giving the look of a dinosaur stomping along. The Dinosaur Footprints decals from Blond Noir and the bone and olive colours instantly transformed the room, giving it a strong focal point.

 blond noir dinosaur footprint decals

Every room needs storage and the beautiful Quilted Storage Basket from Bambini Delights is so handy for storing all those little pieces like teething toys and rattles. Paired with their Lamp and Ceramic Vase, being able to match all the products in a similar colour was so convenient.

bambini delights lamp and storage basket

bambini delights vase

I love the touch personalised decor brings to a little one's room, so I always make it a point to include some personalised items and bonus points if it's also practical. The Name Light from Lumi and Co and Money Box from Little Keeps Collection was no exception; perfect for keeping those night time fears at bay and all that pocket money safe. 

lumi and co name light

little keeps money box

No room is complete without a name sign, and this stunning 3D Layered Acrylic Name from Letterly had to take pride of place right above my Son's bed.

letterly acrylic name

Nothing says dinosaur room more than a dinosaur name plaque, and this Acrylic 3D Name Sign from Peachy Rose Designs was love at first sight.

peachy rose designs dinosaur name sign

Artwork brings together any space, and I needed some that said welcome to our dinosaur room. This stunning watercolour Sleepy Rex from Wild Oath Collective, which I hung with the Magnetic Hanger from Bambini Delights, gave my Son's room a relaxed, sleepy vibe. I'm still waiting to see if this will also mean more sleeping will occur! wild oath collective sleepy rex

bambini delights hanger

Then I completed the look with this Brachiosaurus Footprint Artwork in sand fly from Blond Noirand these Billie Brachiosaurus and Scout Stegosaurus art from Paper Lee, which are actually a paper collage, and I love how they give the room a unique look.

blond noir brachiosaurus footprint artwork

paper lee brontosaurs art

paper lee stegosaurus art

The Dinosaur Carousel from Lillo Creations has captured the heart of my Son with its sweet melody - Castles in the Sky. He adores watching the little T-Rex chase the car around and around for hours on end. 

lillo creations dinosaur carousel

Texture is something that adds depth and interest to a room, and this Mini Tassel Banner from Little Cloud Lane paired with this stunning Knitted Word from Jaye and Co and Mini Felt Bunting in latte from Baby Jones Designs, was just the right amount to elevate this space.

little cloud lane mini tassel banner

jaye and co knitted word

baby jones designs mini felt bunting

Wooden wall decor is another decor must have in my opinion, and I loved how I could customise the colours of the Dinosaur Set from Designed By L to match my Son's colour scheme. 

designed by l dinosaur set

designed by l t-rex

As soon as I saw these T-Rex, Triceratops & Stegosaurus Wall Shapes from Ava and Harper Co I felt they would be the perfect fit for my sons dinosaur room. And of course, they look right at home!

ava and harper co wall dinosaurs

ava and harper co dinosaurs 

Zavyanne never fails to deliver with their cute plaques and wall scripts. Their new Rawrsome Plaque and Dino Script were the finishing touches the room needed.

zavyanne rawrsome plaque

zavyanne dino script

My Son's new dinosaur room couldn’t have come together without the help of so many wonderful small businesses. I honestly can't thank them all enough for coming together to bring my Son's new room to life. I hope you love my son's new dinosaur room as much as we do!

dinosaur kids room decor

dinosaur room inspo

kids room dinosaur shelf

dinosaur room

kids dinosaur room

dinosaur boys room inspo

I would love to know what you think, please let me know in the comments below. 

Dinosaur Bookends and Dinosaur Shelf Figures: Woodland Ends

Rectangular Cushion and Dinosaur Cushion: Peppermint Tree Creations

Dinosaur Footprints Wall Decals and Brachiosaurus Footprint Artwork: Blond Noir

Golden Beige - Lamp, Golden Beige - Quilted Storage Basket, Ceramic Textured Vase and Magnetic Hanger: Bambini Delights

Name Light: Lumi and Co

Money Box: Little Keeps Collection

3D Layered Acrylic Name: Letterly

Acrylic 3D Kids Name Door/Wall Sign: Peachy Rose Designs

Sleepy Rex Watercolour: Wild Oath Collective

Scout Stegosaurus A4 Art and Billie Brachiosaurus A4 Art: Paper Lee

Dinosaur Carousel: Lillo Creations

Mini Tassel Banner: Little Cloud Lane

Custom Knitted Word: Jaye and Co

Mini Felt Bunting: Baby Jones Designs

Dinosaur Set: Designed By L

T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus Wall Shape: Ava and Harper Co

Rawrsome Plaque and Dino Script: Zavyanne

Prehistoric Sheet Set: Adairs

Bed, Picture Frames and Wall Shelves: Ikea

Dinosaur Plush Toys: Gertie and Me

Art Binder: Honeycomb Living

White and Green Floral Wrap: Hope and Jade

Rug: Two Little Bambinos

Dresser: Mocka

Wooden Car Set: Q Toys

Wooden Rattle: Kubbi and Co

Shelving Unit and Trolley: Kmart

Basket, Wooden Bottle, Suitcase, Dozy and Cozy Dinkum Dolls: Olli Ella

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