Taking the next step: Changing the nursery to a child’s room

Moving from a nursery to a big kid's room is an exciting milestone in your child's life. It often comes with a range of emotions; sadness, excitement and can sometimes feel overwhelming not knowing where to start.  

Changing my son into a big boy room came about a lot quicker than I expected. I had hoped he would stay in his nursery until he was two years old like his big sister, but at sixteen months, he was climbing on EVERYTHING, and I was worried he might hurt himself trying to climb out of his cot. 

Boys nursery

When the time came to start thinking about changing my son's nursery into his big boy's room, I first thought about his developing personality and the things he likes. I wanted to create a space we could both enjoy, and that could also grow with him. 

First, I started by picking a theme. I quickly settled on an adventure theme due to his love of exploring and curious mind. Next, I chose the colours for the room. I wanted something bright, fun, and a change from his nursery's soft blues and greys. After much thought, I decided on golden mustard, rust, cream and kept some of the original soft blue hues. 

After deciding on the colours and theme, I moved on to the more significant pieces for the room and began researching beds. At first, I went with a floor bed, but after the kids decided to use it as a jungle gym instead of a bed, I moved to the Tarva bed from Ikea. It's low enough to the ground that my son can get in and out of it unassisted, and it's safe to say it's so far been a big success. 

Tarva bed ikea

Next, I downsized his large dresser to something smaller and added a storage insert into the wardrobe for his extra clothes to be stored. This change allowed for more space in his room to accommodate for the growing number of toys a child has as they get older. I chose the Jolt Three Drawer from Mocka in natural and white to tie into the natural timber of his bed. 

Jolt Drawers

After I locked in the choices of the bed and drawers, I  began the hunt for all of the unique pieces, decorative pieces that turn a space from just a room to a magical place that you never want to leave. 

As soon as I saw this Adventure print from Mae She Reign, I knew it had to take pride of place in my son's new room. The colours and the text summed up my son's room perfectly, and I could immediately envision it hanging above his bed, inspiring him to seek adventure every day! 

Adventure print

To expand this theme, I paired it with these gorgeous Lion and Giraffe prints from Isla Dreams Prints that say safari adventure. And finally, to complete my artwork selections, I  added this stunning Hot Air Balloon Art from Paper Lee, I love the bright colours of this print, that remind me of the Disney movie 'Up'. 

Giraffe and lion print

Hot air balloon art

Next came the all-important decision of wall decals, which in my opinion, are a must-have in any room as they bring so much personality to your walls - without the fear of it being permanent. After previously using Blond Noir's decals in my son's nursery, I just had to include them again in my son's big boy room as well. The ability to customise the colours and subtle design made the Animal Spots Wall Decals the best choice for this space. I also chose this stunning Arch  Rainbow Wall Decal from Miss Pie Designs to add a bit of whimsy to the room.

Animal spots decals

Rainbow Arch 

I don't know about you, but I always love to have a timber plaque or sign in my children's rooms. I find the woodgrain from the timber brings interest and warmth to the space. Zavyanne was the perfect choice for this, and am so in love with my selection of Wild Child Plaque, Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder Plaque and The World is Yours Wall Script.

Wild child plaque

Never lose your sense of wonder plaque

The world is yours wall script

Adding some style to the wall with this Simply Boho Hanging by Little Pitcher Designs, the wooden beads and yarn tassels against the blue cotton cord is the perfect combination. I can see it being a treasured piece on the walls for years to come.

Boho hanging

I love all of the woven names  and shapes popping up lately, and who can go past this unique and stunning Knitted Wire Paper Plane from T2 Crafts. I love the texture it brings to the wall! 

Knitted paper plane

Storage is a must for any room, and I couldn't go past these Luxe Velvet Storage Cases from Petit Luxe Bebe. Perfect for storing toys or anything else you want to keep looking tidy.

Storage cases

Who doesn't love storage that transitions as your child gets older! This Nappy Basket from MYLE, with its removable divider, is the perfect storage that transitions from newborn to toddler and beyond. Use the compartment dividers to separate nappies, wipes, wraps, clothes, etc., and then, as your child grows, use the dividers to separate toys or remove them and use it as a toy or book basket.

Nappy basket  

My son has a lot of shelving in his room which are perfec for displaying special keepsakes and décor items. This gorgeous Sail Boat from Wild Oath Collective sailed right into my heart, I just knew it would have to be a part of my son's room. 

Sail boat

I can't wait until my son is old enough to display all his works of art in this stunning Weeping Willow Art Binder by Honeycomb Living. Until then, we get to enjoy the beautiful cover and daydream about what masterpieces he may come up with. 

 Art binder

I wanted to create something special for his room, and after going through my sketchbook and finding a hot air balloon design from two years ago, I felt like it was time to finally bring it to life. He still needed some Bookends for his room, so I decided to use the hot air balloon design for those. I paired these with a matching Hot Air Balloon Shelf Figure, a Car and Rocket Shelf Figure to add to the collection of transport décor.  

I have been eyeing off a Mountain Bear Shelfie from I Heart Designs Studio for as long as I can remember. So I knew I just had to include one in my son's new room as it would fit in perfectly with his theme. And when I saw their Hot Air Balloon and Rainbow Garland and Stargazer Plaque I couldn't resist adding them as well. 

Bear Shelfie

Hot air balloon and rainbow garland

Stargazer sign

Every kid's room needs some personalised décor, plus it has the added benefit of a great way to learn their name. There is such a gorgeous range of personalised décor out there, and I was instantly drawn to the stunning Initial Shelf Mate from Wild Rose and 3D Name Sign from Lennon Grace Designs.

Initial Shelf Mate

3d Name Sign

It's not a bedroom without some cushions and toys, and of course, Peppermint Tree Creations and Gertie and Me did not disappoint! The Round and Star Cushion colours are matched perfectly to my son's theme, and the T-Rex, Brachiasurus and Stegasaurus have become fast favourites of my son, who now carries them around everywhere. 


Dinosaur Soft Toys

No room is complete without a gorgeous statement rug on the floor and this Meadow Round Rug from Two Little Bambino's is just that. The stunning neutral colour and frilled edges brings some texture and style to the room. 

 Cotton Rug

Lastly, of course there is the lighting, something that is important in any room but even more so in a bedroom, you need to get just right to help promote healthy sleep. Luckily the Adventure Night Light from Lumi and Co is not only stunning to look at but practical too and when I saw their Adventure Awaits Wall Quote I just had to include that as well.

Adventure Night Light

Adventure Awaits wall script

Paired with the stunning Golden Beige Lamp from Bambini Delights which are fully customisable with the shade and base to match your room, our lighting needs were met. 


His room has come together even better than I imagined, and I honestly can't thank all of the wonderful small businesses enough for coming together with me to bring my son's room to fruition. Behind each small business is an amazing human who makes the world a little brighter just for being in it. 

Boys room

I hope you love my son's room as much as I do!   

Please let me what you think in the comments below. 

Hot Air Balloon Bookends, Hot Air Balloon, Car & Rocket Shelf Figures, Lots and Oh, Bear Book: Woodland Ends

Adventure Print: Mae She Reign

Lion and Giraffe Print: Isla Dream

Hot Air Balloon Art: Paper Lee

Animal Spots Wall Decals: Blond Noir

Arch Rainbow Wall Decal: Miss Pie Designs

Velvet Storage Case Set: Petit Luxe Bebe

Nappy Basket: MYLE

3D Name Sign: Lennon Grace Designs

Round and Star Cushions: Peppermint Tree Creations

Initial Shelf Mate: Wild Rose

Dinosaur Soft Toys: Gertie & Me

Lamp: Bambini Delights

Adventure Awaits Wall Script & Adventure Night Light: Lumi & Co

Floor Rug: Two Little Bambinos

Art Binder: Honeycomb Living

Sail Boat: Wild Oath Collective

Knitted Wire Paper Plane: T2 Crafts

Mountain Bear Shelfie, Hot Air Balloon Garland and Stargazer Plaque: I Heart Designs Studio

Wild Child Plaque, Never Lose your Sense of Wonder Plaque and The World is Yours Wall Script: Zavyanne

Simply Boho Hanging: Little Pitcher Designs

Shelves, knit throw and bed: Ikea

Dresser: Mocka

Fabric adventure sign: Ava and Harper co

Camel soft toy: Nana Huchy

Train Music Box: Sonny and the Dolls

Duck soft toy: Little Willow Rabbit

Explore block: Designed by I

Bed sheets: Adairs

Shelving unit and wagon: Kmart

Suitcase: Olli Ella

Truck: Tiny Harlow


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    Oh my gosh this space is incredible. Thank you for sharing your tips with us!

  • Samantha

    Oh I love his room! Such a gorgeous space you have created for him :) x

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